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Our instructors include Investigators, Police and Security Officers. Their resumes include certifications from the state of WI, DRL, DOJ, NRA and the AACFI. The staff brings their knowledge and expertise with them to train people, from beginners to advanced such as veteran law enforcement officers.

We teach several courses here to further your knowledge and understanding of firearms. These classes are taught within the Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center. This allows for a mix of classroom lectures and hands on experience that you'll find is tough to match.

These classes are offered on an as-needed basis and can be scheduled by calling and talking to our staff (608) 764-2040

IMPORTANT: If you notify Deerfield Pistol within 24 hours of a scheduled class that you will not be attending, and you previously registered and paid for the class, you will receive a credit for the class, which you can attend at a later date. Please contact us at (608) 764-2040 to reschedule. 

********** Firearm classes do not include ammo. **********

Ammo is an additional cost.

We can also help your class 3 and CCW fingerprints and photos using our LS/Gunsmoke system.
 Civilian Shooters

Advanced Concealed Carry 

4 hours of training
1 hour classroom
1 hour hands on practical
2 hours range time
Firearm, holster, 100 rounds
ammo needed
10 students per class
$150 per student

Advanced Shooters

$60 per hour
For the experienced shooter
Sharpen your skills
Get training on a specific topic

Beginners Shooters
1 hour instruction - $60
2 hours instruction - $125
1 on 1 training with instructor
1 hour of training in the classroom
1 hour in the range


Multi-State Concealed Carry

   5 hours of training
    4 hours in classroom
1 hour in range
Firearm and 50 rounds of ammo needed

20 students per class

 Multi state CCW applications require fingerprinting and Passport quality photos be included. DPAC offers prints and pictures for a fee of $30.
4 hours of training
3 hours in classroom
1 hour in range
Firearm and 50 rounds of ammo needed
20 students per class
$85 per student


Law Enforcement and Security Personnel Shooters


36 Hour Firearm Qualification 

State Certification for law enforcement and security
Required for armed patrol or security
6 Hour Re-Certification
State Certification for law enforcement and security
Required yearly for armed patrol or security

Defense and Arrest Techniques Training 

Security and LE Officers
4 hours training $175
8 hours training $300
Cuffing, takedowns, escape holds, strikes, kicks, CQC, OC
Call to schedule a training 
Minimum students may be required
 HR218 Firearm Qualifier
Retired Law Enforcement Annual Firearm qualification.
Allows Retired LE to carry in all 50 states.
Call to register. (608) 764-2040
$50 per firearm.


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