Deerfield Pistol Range  



Deerfield Pistol & Archery Center (DPAC) is more than a one-stop shop for your archery and firearms needs.  It is the place to go for crafting your archery skills with life-like hunts, with moving, life-size targets.

Practice Hunts Anywhere in the World!
Whether you're after an Alaskan bear, north woods whitetail or antelope on the savannas, DPAC's exclusive Interactive Techno Hunt brings the action to you.

Hone your archery skills in the year round comfort of Deerfield's indoor range while you choose from over 800 hunting scenarios each with it's own environmental sounds.

Use your own bow and arrows (or rent ours) and take on the challenge. Want more of a challenge? How about the wind blowing leaves and branches in front of you? This computer simulator does it all.

When you're all done, you get a complete computer print-out of your every shot.

Team Competitions
Get together with your friends and challenge each other or have team competitions. Score keeping is automatic, thanks to Techno Hunt

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